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Extremely simple avatars

The examples shown below work with all avatar types.

For basic usage just provide a UUID or a username:
For size control, add the desired size in pixels after specifying the username:
For avatars without the helm element, add /nohelm to the end of any URL:
And for a URL with a file extension, you can add a .png at the very end of any URL:

8px up to 600px

Isometric Head


32px up to 600px

Isometric Body


32px up to 600px

Full body


8px up to 600px

Combo avatar


8px up to 600px


If the player does not own a cape, an HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found status code will be returned.

Default skins:


Get skin:


Download skin:


Direct skin switch:


Mojang API:

This endpoint caches requests to the mojang api letting you request a profiles without a rate limit.
Username history is also sent.
Valid profiles are cached for 4 hours.
https://mc-heads.net/minecraft/profile/[username or UUID]
If username/UUID is malformed, an HTTP/1.1 204 No content status code will be returned.


Mojang has created several accounts with guaranteed static skins to help map makers visualize their creations with said account's heads.
This endpoint attempts to list all of the known and verified MHF UUIDs and their names.

About Caching

MCHeads caches skins on its servers for 36 hours
Images are also cached client side via cache headers for 36 hours. Once

Changed skins do not take effect on MCHeads immediately.
MCHeads deletes expired server side cache every 5 minutes.

About Usernames

We strongly advise you to use UUIDs instead of usernames! UUIDs never change while usernames do.
Looking up players by username has officially been deprecated by Mojang ever since UUIDs were introduced.

Malformed usernames are rejected.

About UUIDs

UUIDs may be any valid Mojang UUID in the blank or dashed format.
Malformed UUIDs are rejected, and all features on MCHeads support UUIDs


MCHeads supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, so you can make AJAX request from other sites!


Attribution is not required, but it is encouraged.
If you want to show some support for this (free!) service, place a notice like this somewhere: Thanks to <a href="https://mc-heads.net">MCHeads</a> for providing Minecraft avatars.

HTTP Headers

Responses come with some custom HTTP headers, useful for debugging.
Please note that these headers may be cached by CloudFlare.

  • X-Has-Failed: Details about the request status
    • true: The request went well, there were no issues on both sides.
    • false: couldn't reach mojang's services or a malfored UUID/Name was requested.


To contact us about any issue, please send an E-Mail to support@mc-heads.net, or ask in our Discord server.

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